Advice on natural hair loss treatment

You have not mentioned your age or sex, and these factors are important in considering the possibility of controlling or reversing hair loss. Men over the age of 30, and sometimes even younger than that, often experience what is known as male pattern balding, which is unfortunately irreversible and uncontrollable. However, treating your hair badly can speed up the process of balding, and conversely, taking good care of your hair can slow down the process.

It is not entirely clear from your question whether you are in the habit of combing your hair after you wash it. This is an extremely habit — hair becomes very delicate when it is wet, and combing your hair at this time does more damage than good. The same goes for rubbing your hair dry. To avoid breaking hair, you should let it dry on its own, and only then comb it.

Apart from this, general hair care measures are important but often overlooked by many people. You need to find the right shampoo for you as well as the right frequency for washing your hair. You should also oil your hair a few times a week (preferably with pure coconut oil), unless, of course, your hair is naturally oily. If it is not, you should also consider using a conditioner.

answered by M W

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