Cold has settled in eye. What can I do to relieve some of the pain?

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is the inflammation of the conjunctiva that is the outer most layer of the eye and the inner layer on the surface of the eyelids. It is often caused by infection by virus rather than bacteria and other allergic conditions. The infection spreads from person to person through contact and can become an epidemic, particularly in schools and offices. Apart from infection and exposure, it can also be caused due to exposure to chemicals and exposure to artificial light while working for long hours.

  • Symptoms of conjunctivitis: The symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness, soreness, irritation, and watering in the eye, and in case of severe conjunctivitis, there is oozing of pus. The eyeball and eyelids also get inflamed, and sometimes, the eyelashes may stick together.
  • Treating conjunctivitis with home remedies: For conjunctivitis cure, home remedies are beneficial. One conjunctivitis home remedy involves the use of the juices of raw vegetables such carrot and spinach; these combined together are effective in treating conjunctivitis. Carrot juice can also be mixed with parsley juice and consumed for viral conjunctivitis treatment.

Vitamins are also known to help in the treatment of conjunctivitis. Vitamins can be consumed through foods, instead of popping g pills and supplements. Conjunctivitis home remedies that up your intake of vitamins include consuming whole milk, butter, yogurt, pumpkin, carrot, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, mangoes, papaya, almonds, citrus fruits and bananas, all of which are have high content of vitamins A and B2. Include these vegetables and fruits in your diet as they are beneficial home remedies for a pink eye.

Coriander is excellent for conjunctivitis cure. The decoction of 20 grams of dried coriander or coriander seeds can be used to wash the eyes. It helps in relieving the burning sensation, irritation, and reduces swelling and pain. However, it needs to be used sparingly by those who suffer from bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis.

Drinking Indian gooseberry juice is also a very effective conjunctivitis home remedy. Mix honey with the juice and drink it for a week. It is rich in vitamin C, thereby improving immunity.

For quick conjunctivitis cure, avoid dust and pollution. Keep the room clean and keep the windows closed. A cold compress will help soothe the eyes. Also, avoid touching your eyes with your hands; instead use a soft cloth to wipe them. You can also wash your eyes with rose water mixed with lukewarm water during the day. Lastly, avoid oily and starchy foods and avoid alcohol and smoking.

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Bacterial Conjunctivitis Home Treatment

Your question is very confusing - what exactly do you mean by "cold has settled in eye" ? The only thing that is clear is that you are experiencing pain; apart from this it is not clear what you are suffering from and what your symptoms are, so the following suggestions are only tentative, and it will be best if you visit your doctor. If your eye is swollen and red and is watering through the day, the most likely cause is conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye.

Conjunctivitis is usually a bacterial infection (but can sometimes be a viral infection or an allergic reaction) that causes the conjunctiva to become inflamed. If this is what you have, your eyes will appear bloodshot, will sting, burn, and itch, and will water almost constantly. Your eyelids may also be crusted together when you wake up, due to the discharge.

In most cases, conjunctivitis can be safely treated at home by frequently washing the eyes and hands, using artificial tears, and applying warm compresses. It will also help if you rest your eyes. Besides, conjunctivitis is extremely contagious, so it is advisable to stay at home for a few days - ideally you should stay in bed with your eyes closed most of the time, or at least at regular intervals.

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