I am a 46 yr old female with horrible night sweats, and an intolerance to cold, and terrible irritability. All blood work comes out good, and not menopausal. Need some herbal advice please!

While there are several possibilities for the night sweats, it may be helpful to support the liver. carrots, beets, artichokes, radishes, cilantro and parsley, along with all leafy green vegetables are liver-friendly foods. these may be eaten or taken in a freshly made juice.

  • Avoid or limit coffee, alcohol and sodas. if you smoke, consider a stop-smoking program.
  • herbs that support the liver include milk thistle, dandelion root, oregon grape root, licorice root, artichoke and tumeric.
  • Drinking plenty of pure water with the juice of 1/2 lemon or lime is also helpful.
  • If the night sweats don't resolve, consider seeing a naturopathic physician or doctor of oriental medicine.

answered by Dr H K

It sounds like you may be entering peri-menopause, but please talk with your doctor because night sweats can indicate more serious issues as well. Evening primrose oil along with ground flax seed or high-lignan flax oil will both be helpful in regulating hormones. Also the herb black cohosh has been shown to be very successful in easing peri-menopausal symptoms. Outside of that regular exercise and a high fiber diet will help.

answered by A N

Night sweats, cold intolerance and irritability may be symptoms of a variety of different conditions. It is likelyyour endocrine system is out of balance --specifically thyroid, adrenal and ovarian functions. Also, since the liver isinvolved in maintaining hormone balance, liver support may also be beneficial.

Chaste tree and herbal sage (salvia) areoften helpful fornight sweats and hot flashes. There are many herbal remedies available in yourlocal pharmacy to help hormonal balance. You can look for some formulas which contain these herbs. Milk thistle is a good liver support herb.

answered by Dr K B N

Black Cohosh relieves hot flashes,depression and vaginal atrophy

  • Evening primrose and Lecithin can also be used to relievehot flashesTake
  • Valerian Root for headaches or sleeplessness.
  • Chamomile will help with Irritablity and help you sleepLavender will also help with irritablilty and calm you.

answered by C

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