I just started having night sweats. Is there anything I can do for them?

Night Sweats Advice

Are you in the menopausal stage, as night sweats are common during menopause? This usually begins in the age of 51 and this is attributed to the imbalance in the synthesis of hormones. Decrease in estrogen results in vaginal dryness, night sweat, hot flashes, decreased libido, nausea, irregular menses, mood swings, irritability and depression. Maintaining the quality of life with a positive attitude also helps in coping up with the situation.

A strict dietary regimen and exercise is effective in combating hot flashes and night sweats. Drinking adequate amounts of water and other fluids is helpful in restoring the electrolyte imbalance. Avoid processed foods. Natural fruits and fresh vegetables are recommended in adequate amounts. Phytoestrogens in soy products are an effective remedy. Depression and weight gain commonly associated with menopause and night sweats are eliminated by regular exercise. Emotional balance is maintained by practice of meditation and yoga.

Wearing light and cotton dressing are preferred. Natural fibers allow more circulation, rather than synthetic fibers. Spicy foods and fried foods are abstained from. Consumption of ice cold water, especially in the night helps. Refer a gynecologist for more guidance and recommendations.

answered by Dr C

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