Secondary Amenorrhea Health Advice

I am suffering from secondary amenorrhea from last considered it normal. What should I do?

Sign & symptoms of Secondary Amenorrhea
Secondary amenorrhea is more common than primary amenorrhea and refers to a sudden untimely temporary or permanent ending of periods. Amenorrhea is said to occur only if a woman has missed at least three periods in a row.

Amenorrhea is indicative of other health conditions like hypothyroidism, obesity, or sudden weight loss. It is necessary to diagnose the cause of this condition in order to treat it. You will therefore be treated for the root cause rather than for this problem itself and once the underlying cause has been cured, your monthly cycle will resume.  

Although in most cases amenorrhea is a temporary condition brought about by sudden changes in diet or elevated stress levels, it is advisable that you go in for a thorough examination to be on the safe side as there are various rare but more serious causes for this condition. Amenorrhea can be caused by a pituitary tumour which can also lead to partial loss of vision. In addition to this, Amenorrhea often causes severe back pain and bone loss. This bone loss can often lead to osteoporosis.   On the other hand, if the underlying cause is not a threat to your health, treatment may be unnecessary.

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