Natural Cure for Pinworms

by Sam Malone

Pinworm, threadworm, or seat worm is a type of roundworm; it is thin and white in color and is an intestinal parasite that often affects children. The medical term for the infection is called as enterobiasis. If the child has enterobiasis, one can see the pinworms in the rectum area. Pinworm infection is often caused by accidentally inhaling or ingesting the eggs; eggs are normally found under our nails, and they enter our bodies when we eat food or scratch our skin. A tiny opening is enough for the pinworm to cause infection.


The presence of pinworms is identified by an irritation and burning sensation in the rectum area, and sometimes in the genital area as well. This often makes it difficult for the child to sleep at night as the irritation worsens during the night when the females are active and move out of the anus to deposit the eggs. The eggs are translucent and jelly-like, and attach themselves to available surfaces. Pinworm infections often spread among people who live in close contact, most often within a household. The initial transmission occurs when it comes in contact with fingernails, hands, night clothes and bed linen and further spreads through toys, furniture, and bathroom fixtures; even pets at home are carriers of the infection.

While pinworms are not considered dangerous and do not cause severe health problems, they can be very trying. In addition to sleeplessness, some people may experience diarrhea as well. Pinworm infection may also lead to emotional disturbances, anorexia, weight loss, and enuresis. Persistent itching can lead to inflammation and secondary bacterial infection of the perianal area. Pinworms can also affect the vulva, vaginal wall, cervix, endometrium, ovaries, and liver.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Pinworms need to be diagnosed by a physician, who will take liquid sample from the rectum and study it for the presence of pinworms and their eggs. Parents can also check the child’s rectal area to see if there is pinworm infection. Conventional medicine for pinworm infection includes pyrantel palmoate, piperazine, or mebendazole.

Home Remedies for Pinworms

Traditional medicine and natural remedies have been found to be effective in eradicating pinworm infection.

  • Garlic is highly beneficial in treating pinworm. You can either eat raw garlic or make a juice of garlic (5 g), mixed with three cloves and four ounces of carrot juice. The juice can be consumed every two hours for seven to ten days.
  • Water extract from centella leaves can be taken on an empty stomach for 10 to 12 days to eliminate pinworm infections.
  • Pumpkin seeds have also been found to be effective in treating pinworms.
  • Dry turmeric powder is an excellent home remedy for pinworm infection. Turmeric powder mixed with coconut oil or castor oil can be applied to the rectal area for a week.
  • Mint tea also helps to eradicate pinworm infections.
  • Drumstick tree or Moringa Oleifera seeds can be powdered and consumed to cure pinworm infection. In general, drumstick tree leaves, flowers and seeds are considered to have potential medicinal value that keeps the intestines clear of any infection.
  • Coriander is a natural remedy for pinworm infections. It can be added in plenty in food or made into chutney with few teaspoons of grated coconut and two pods of garlic and salt and dry red chilies, to taste.
  • Ginger extract or pickled ginger is also natural remedy for pinworms.
  • For children, apple cider vinegar can be diluted with water, and given to them every day.
  • Diluted clove oil can also be administered to treat pinworms. One part of cloves can be ground with ten parts of flaxseeds, and this mixture can be taken along with food on alternate days for three days.

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