I am an 18 year old male from Kenya and for the last few months I have noticed that there are some patches that have appeared on my face and now they are spreading to the neck am suspecting vitiligo. What is the cure for it?

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a type of skin pigmentation disorder in which the special skin cells and tissues inside the mouth, nose, genital and rectal areas get destroyed. This causes the skin, as well as the hair in the affected regions to turn white. While the exact cause of vitiligo has not yet been identified, there are several theories, one of which states the development of antibodies which attack and destroy the melanocytes (special skin cells). Though some patients have claimed that incidents such as sunburn or emotional stress triggered the condition, scientifically this has not been accepted as the cause. Vitiligo is often hereditary and is associated with other diseases such as hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata, albinism, congenital deafness, premature greying amongst others.

If you suspect vitiligo, consult your endocrinologist to check for problems with thyroid and your dermatologist to rule out possibilities of other types of dermatosis. Sometimes cleansing of the body, particularly the liver and bowels, helps to treat vitiligo. You can start by quitting alcohol and cigarettes and starting an active exercise routine. Lemna minor (wild duckweed) is excellent for vitiligo. In summers, you can grind and mix fresh lemna minor and honey in the ratio of 1:1 and have 1 tsp of this twice a day, one hour after each meal. You can also rub fresh lemna minor juice on the affected areas 5 to 6 times daily. For winter you can prepare a tincture by mixing 4 tbsps of Lemna with ½ l of vodka and storing it for 7 days. Have around 30 drops of this in 2 tbsp of water twice a day, ½ an hour after your meals. You can also rub castor oil, melon pulp or strong black tea on the affected areas. Alternately rub half a fig on the spots or fresh rhubarb juice mixed with body lotion.

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