I have pain in left half side of abdomen, sometimes excessive hair fall in all parts of body. Is it a symptom of worms in stomach?

Pain in the abdominal area is normal especially because there are over a hundred intestinal and stomach related conditions a person could be affected by. However most of these conditions are not necessarily complimented by sudden hair loss. Given the vague description of your condition, you should also consider the fact that the hair loss and the abdominal pain may even be unrelated. As a result of the many possibilities, it is important that you visit a doctor and have some tests conducted in order to correctly diagnose the condition or conditions you may be suffering from. First and foremost, one should tackle the acute or chronic abdominal discomfort. You may experience an acute pain in the area or also a chronic abdominal discomfort. It is important to identify if the condition is acute or chronic. A chronic abdominal discomfort is more likely to be associated with a condition that has been able to develop over a period of time. Acute pain in the abdomen may be easier to treat with a few doses of medication, although the pain felt in the attacks are likely to be more intense. It is also important to remember that both, acute or chronic abdominal discomfort may not necessarily be coming from the spot where they seem most prominent. Occasionally, one is likely to experience the pain in the abdomen even though it is arising from the organs that are close to, but not contained within, the abdominal cavity. Some of the most common organs to do this include the lower lungs, kidneys and uterus. Another example of the same is that pancreatic inflammation is more likely to be experienced in the back than anywhere near the abdominal cavity.

With regards to hair loss, the relationship between hormones and hair loss should not be taken lightly. While hair loss is likely to be a result of recovering from an illness or surgery, there is also a strong relationship between menopause and hair loss. As a result of the changing hormonal levels in the body, a number of sudden and abrupt changes tend to occur. So if you are a woman around menopausal age, it is important to be emotionally prepared for the changes that are about to take place. Since you mentioned the possibility of worms, although this may not be the case, it never hurts to be cautious and have it checked. Since there are many possibilities as to why you are affected by the symptoms you are experiencing, your best bet is to walk into a doctor office and have the tests carried out.

answered by G R

The pain in the abdomen need not be related to the excessive hair loss that you suffer from. And both these symptoms together do not tie up to indicate the presence of worms in the stomach. Excessive loss of hair might occur due to hormonal changes. A major surgery might also lead to excessive hair loss. In this case, it's an indication of the stress that the surgery has caused. Hyperactive thyroid glands can also lead to loss of hair. So, do check your thyroid glands if the hair loss doesn't decrease after a period of time.

Fungal infections can also get your scalp to shine in the sun. So remember to wash your hair frequently. As for the pain in the abdomen, since it's on the left side, it might be a urinary tract infection. Had it to be appendicitis, you would have felt the pain to the right of your abdomen. Of course, there would be a slight dull pain pervading all over the abdominal area but later that would have gotten concentrated to the right of the abdomen. It could also be due to a muscle pull. Alternatively, it could be due to constipation as well. Hence, it's best if you consult your family physician and follow the recommended medication.

answered by G M

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