Why do I crave salt so much? I also crave lime juice, what is the reason for that. What should I do to stop craving?

Craving for salt can have many possible causes ranging from minor deficiencies to rather serious health conditions. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can result in a craving for salt, as your body prompts you to correct the deficiency. However, more serious conditions such diabetes and Addison's disease, which involves a malfunction of the adrenal gland. Another possibility is adrenal exhaustion, a stress provoked disease which is not very well understood. This disease however does not have wide recognition as there is not much scientific evidence to support its existence.

Of course this craving could also simply be due to habit - if you are extremely used to sour and salty foods, and have recently been trying to cut down on them for any reason, your body will naturally crave them for a while. If you continue to control your intake of salty and sour foods, your body will get accustomed to the new diet and the cravings will stop. In any case, you should mention this to your doctor on your next visit, in order to rule out any serious problem. In addition, whether or not the craving is due to some medical condition, it is important not to succumb to the craving, as an excessive intake of salt can be harmful. Instead, you can eat foods that are high in Vitamin C and potassium.

answered by G M

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