Can head lice given to a person reduce extreme jaundice? Is it true? Please advice me.

I have never heard of any such treatment for jaundice involving head lice. Preferring "natural" cures has its place, but everything that is natural is not necessarily good. There are several "natural" herbs" that can kill you or cause an extremely nasty reaction, and thousands of harmful parasites too, lice included, that are entirely natural.

Jaundice is quite serious, and it is best not to fool around with such dubious treatments. In any case, jaundice is a symptom and not a disease - what needs to be treated is the disease or condition that is causing the jaundice. You should ideally consult a doctor to find out what the exact cause is and what treatment you need. In addition, there will of course be some dietary restrictions for a while. For the next week, a diet consisting solely of fruits and fruit juices is advisable. After that, you can very gradually expand your diet, but you should stick to fruits and vegetables for at least a month. You should avoid alcohol completely for a few months, and preferably caffeine as well. In addition, you should avoid oily, spicy food as far as possible, and also limit your consumption of salt for a while.

answered by G M

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