I have a lumpy, dry rash that has appeared on my face around my chin and neck. It's not sore or itchy. I haven't changed any cosmetics recently. It is no where else on my body and have never suffered with this symptom before. What should I put on it?

Skin Rash Natural Treatment

It's hard to know what exactly the problem is as the symptoms could be suggestive of a number of disorders and diseases, with varying degrees of severity. It would be a good idea for you to visit a doctor to make sure and possibly get a biopsy done if needed. One of the many possibilities is pityriasis rosea. The causes for this condition are still unknown. The condition is not indicative of any internal disease, and is not brought on by a fungal or bacterial infection, or even an allergy. Recent studies however suggest that it might be a viral illnesses. A person suffering from this may also experience feelings of tiredness. Actinic keratosis or keratosis is another possibility. Actinic keratosis may sometimes develop into squamous cell cancer.

Since you mentioned that you have not changed any cosmetics recently it is highly unlikely that this is any type of allergic or skin reaction. You can use an over the counter broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cream. If you notice any change in the rash it would mean that although you do not have any itching or soreness it could still be a fungal or bacterial skin condition. Another more serious possibility is skin cancer.

answered by G M

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