How do I get rid of the sun spots that are spreading on my back. They look like ring worms.

It is a bit unusual for sun spots to form on one's back – they are most common on the face and hands, areas that tend to be exposed to the sun a lot. Since you say that they look like ringworm, they are probably not sun spots but ringworm. Sun spots are particularly unlikely unless your back is regularly exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin, and in order to treat it properly it is very important to keep your skin as dry as possible at all times. You should therefore wear light, natural fibers that minimize sweating and dry quickly, and you should bath carefully at least twice a day, and then dry yourself thoroughly. You can also apply a mixture of vinegar and turmeric powder on your back a couple of times a day. If the spots remain or continue to spread after around 10 days, you should visit your doctor.

It is of course possible that the spots are indeed sun spots, but if they are, there isn't really much that you can do about them, and they are in any case harmless, so there is no need to worry. You simply need to avoid exposing the affected areas to sunlight, and in addition you can rub lime juice on your back daily to help get rid of the top layer of skin more quickly.

answered by G M

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