How do i get rid of under eye puffiness

Under eye puffiness is quite a common problem, and although it is a mild and simple one, most people are unable to determine the cause, which is why it stays untended for years on end. The puffiness is basically due to fluid pooling in the area under the eyes, but the underlying causes are many. One common cause is a lack of sleep, or on the other hand too much sleep. The latter is only temporary, and the puffiness disappears within a few hours of waking up. A lack of sleep has usually turned into a chronic problem by the time it results in chronic puffiness, but is still relatively simple to solve – change your lifestyle to ensure that you get enough sleep.

Other causes are a bit harder to address – allergies are among them. If you suspect you have an allergy, you should consult your doctor and try to determine what you are allergic to. If you have a sinus problem, or some other chronic nasal congestion, it is probably what is causing the puffiness under your eyes, so you should consult your doctor. The puffiness could also be due to an excess of salt or alcohol; if you think either could apply to you, you should try to cut down.

answered by G M

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