How can I help my dry feet and cracked heels with out going to a doctor?

If you are suffering from the problem of excessively dry feet that have reached the point of being itchy as well, then it is quite clear that you have failed to take proper care of your feet. You should follow a routine of foot care that will help to hydrate and moisturize your feet and keep them healthy. The first thing you can do is scrub them with a good exfoliating foot scrub. You can buy these from any store, or make one yourself by mixing sugar crystals in enough olive oil to make a pasty mix. Use this to scrub your feet till the sugar melts. Wash your feet as usual after this and you will notice an immediate change.

The next step to take is to moisturize your feet effectively and well. Never fail to apply a generous layer of oil to your feet at night, cover them with socks and sleep on this. The best kind of oil to use is pure vegetable oil or olive oil, which also has healing properties that can take care of the itchiness of your feet. Try to cleanse your feet at least once a week with milk. This will also add essential oils and moisture to the skin as well as clean it up for you.

answered by G M

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