My mom has jaundice and they found cancer in her pancreas and spots in her gall bladder. Anyway moms jaundice is starting to go away and she has severe itching. How can she get rid of the itching?

Jaundice is often caused by an obstruction in the biliary tree due to gallstones or cancer in the head of the pancreas. The build up of bile and bilirubin eventually leads to what is known as post hepatic jaundice. Jaundice patients also often experience mild to severe itching, probably as a result of the build up of bilirubin, which is thought to cause irritation.

There are no home remedies or treatments to manage this specific type of skin irritation, so your mother can try some of these standard tips to handle itching. One general rule is to avoid scratching. This is normally to avoid spreading the infection that is causing the itch. Obviously this is not a concern here; however, to avoid injuring herself, when your mother's skin itches she should instead lightly rub the area with margosa leaves. Rubbing a cut lemon on her skin may also help. She should also try to wear cotton clothing as far as possible, because artificial fabrics, and even wool, tend to itch even under normal circumstances. A sponge bath with water in which mint leaves have been boiled will also provide great relief. In addition, an aloe vera gel (or better still, fresh leaves) is always soothing.

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