What to do for Back middle pain

It is a little difficult to give any advice or suggestions about your problem with such limited information. Do you have pain in your back on a regular basis? Is this accompanied by any other symptoms? If, for instance, you notice dizziness, or loss of sensation in any part of your body, then this could be indicative of some other medical condition requiring immediate medical attention. You should consult a doctor at the earliest.

In most cases a hot compress does wonders for a back pain. You can use a heating pad on your back. If you don't have a heating pad a hot water bottle is usually effective too. In some cases hot water is also effective in reducing pain and giving relief. You can relax in a tub of hot water or else take a hot shower. A pain in the back is usually related to bad posture so you should ensure that you walk straight and sit straight rather than slouched down. You should try and lie down on a stiff mattress rather a spongy one. A hard surface will support your back and help it. If your job involves long hours of standing this pain could be related to that. Ensure that you get a few minutes rest every hour of so.

answered by G R

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