What does a person do to cure an infection after an ankle surgery? I have a plate and screws in the ankle.

A surgery on any part of your body is a huge operation. From your question I understand that your ankle, which was recently operated upon, has developed infection. Is this infection visible on the surface of the skin? Or is this infection something that has attacked the wound itself? Without these details I am afraid it is difficult to answer your question. If you suspect that you have an infection, you should consult your doctor. He will be able to offer you the appropriate advice on your next steps.

If the infection is on the skin and is visible to the naked eye, you can ensure that it is always kept clean and dry. Use some warm water and a clean cotton swab to clean it regularly. Let it dry. Avoid touching the wound too often. Wash your hands each time you touch the wound. Try to avoid wearing tight pants that can brush against the injury and cause pain. Instead opt for loose and comfortable clothes which will not chafe against the injury. Avoid walking or standing on the injured ankle. Resting the best thing for the ankle, since it will help the infection heal. You may find that keeping your feet elevated gives you relief.

answered by G R

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