Eye Twitching Natural Cures: Please Tell Me How I Can Get My Left Eye To Stop Twitching? Please! It Has Been Twitching Since Dec 07 Every Single Day. Thank You.

If you have had such a prolonged episode of eye twitching, you should seek medical help for it. While it is normal for anyone's eye to twitch for a few days, if it progresses to months, then you need to look into the matter on a more serious level. There are a few reasons for twitching eye you could examine yourself and see if they apply to you. The primary reason would be lack of adequate rest to your eyes and lack of sleep. If you have been in that state for a few weeks or months, the twitching could have been because of it. Alternately, over too much caffeine or related products can also cause this problem to occur. Stress is another factor that can contribute to your trouble.

On a more serious note, you could have some sort of brain-related damage or disorder, which could be manifested in this fashion. In rare cases, it could also be epilepsy that is aggravating your eye twitch. But both these conditions would have to be determined by a medical examination. You can try to relax your eyes and see if it works for you. Apply a cool compress with a few drops of rose water in it for relaxing eye muscles. Alternately, try to place a few cucumber slices on your eye to see if it works. You must also try to sleep for at least eight hours at a stretch. This will possibly be the best thing to do.

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