Can a child of age 7 still take a bath daily while she has a chicken pox as there are too many blisters with her skin?

Bathing while you have chicken pox would depend entirely upon the child. Medically, it is recommended that you bathe the child every day even with chicken pox. Not only will this make the child feel better, it will also help towards healing faster, because the child will remain clean and therefore spread less of the infection to him or herself. Having a bath with lukewarm water is very useful in reducing the itching sensation for children.

Though some children find it to be particularly soothing to have a bath when they are suffering from chicken pox, some may not want to. It is best not to force the child to do anything at all when they are so ill. More than illness, chicken pox is accompanied by a lot of discomfort that comes from the extreme itching sensation caused by the boils. You can also ask the child what kind of bath she prefers. Although a hot bath will in all probability aggravate the itching tremendously, and you should discourage it. Try to give the child a bath with water that has eau de cologne added to it. This will also provide relief, and the child may also enjoy the novelty of having a perfumed bath, thus taking her mind off the illness for some time.

answered by M W

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