My daughter has some deep scars on her face left by Chicken Pox. She is 18 years old and had chicken pox last winter. Is there any effective and easy way to get rid of these scars?

A generous application of lacto calamine lotion on the scars left on the affected area over night can help in improving the complexion. Dab the lotion on the spots for at least 12 hours and this must be done daily for a period of two months. Another folk remedy involves a light massage with cold pressed virgin coconut oil. The areas that need lightening must be massaged slowly with the oil and left to stay for at least a couple of hours. Coconut oil has moisturizing and healing properties. The oil contains characteristics that can help to remove scars whether caused due to acne or chicken pox. An application of pure honey is just as good. Honey can be applied on the spots alternately in place of calamine lotion for an overnight result. Once again all these applications need to be done regularly for a longer duration. As skin cells take days to form and evolve, the application can help to lighten the darkened complexion when new cells are being formed.

Vitamin E capsules are also best in obtaining quick results. Break open a capsule of vitamin E and dab these on the areas that need lightening. Many have claimed faster healing and lightening after using this application.

answered by K C

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