My daughter has a growth on her neck that hurts cystitis? A friend of hers gave her a combination of seas salt and ginger root and she don't remember what else she put it on her neck and it went down. Could anyone help us?

If you are not certain what exactly the growth your daughter has on her neck is, you first need to get a medical examination and determine what it is. These kinds of growths can be dangerous if left unchecked. Once you have determined that this is indeed a cyst, and then you can go about employing relevant remedies to take care of it. The best and most effective thing to do for a cyst is to make certain it bursts and is dispersed, so as to avoid any chances of infection. First, however, you must make certain that you are maintaining good hygiene around the area of your cyst. Make sure you wash it with a mild medicated soap often; otherwise you run the risk of an infection.

An age old remedy to make cysts fall off on their own is to apply a paste made with plain lime powder and water, commonly known as chalk. This will burn ferociously, so you can also add rosewater to it, which will take away from the sting. This method is not easy, as it can be quite painful sometimes, but it is one of the few remedies that will not allow the cyst to recur. If you do not remember exactly what remedy your daughter's friend had applied, you can simply use the things you do remember. Try to make a mixture of fresh ginger and sea salt and see if it works.

answered by M W

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