Lip swelling treatment using an ice pack

My son fell and busted his lip on Sunday evening. It is still swollen, but he has no discomfort. His lip is healing on the outside with scaling. What should I use to get the swelling to go down?

Inflammation is the body's defense against infections and viruses that may be harmful to its functioning. When an area gets damaged the body releases white blood cells and certain chemicals. Normally this a common occurrence however there are some disorders in which the body starts an inflammatory response even tough there is no bacteria or foreign substance to fight off and the disorder is known as an autoimmune disease. Therefore the body's protective system launches an attack on healthy tissue thinking that the tissue is somehow damaged or infected. The release of the white blood cells and chemicals from the body causes an increase in the flow of blood and causes a sensation of warmth and a reddish coloration in the affected area. The chemicals also leak fluid into the tissues and this is what causes the swelling, sometimes causing a small amount of pain as well.

The best way to reduce the swelling is to place an ice pack on your son's lip for about 15-20 minutes, once every hour. The ice basically constricts the blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood flow and hence serves to reduce the amount of swelling. There are some diet solutions that can be used to help reduce the swelling. Avoid polyunsaturated vegetable oils like peanut, sunflower and soy as they contain a good amount of linoliec acid (an omega-6 fatty acid), which converts itself into arachidonic acid and tends to increase the likely hood of inflammation. Instead substitute these oils with oils that contain omega-3, which can be found in most fresh water fish and oil gotten from flax seeds. The oils containing omega -3 have the ability to calm the inflammation and are more beneficial. Also until the inflammation goes down disallow your soon from eating too much of chocolate, peanuts, corn, excess sugar and some dairy products as they are substances that are difficult to digest and also help in adding to the inflammation.

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