My 9 months baby is having chicken pox. Its so bad in mouth, that it can hardly swallow. What to do?

The first thing you should remember is that no matter how widespread chicken pox is, apart from extreme discomfort, chances are that nothing serious will really happen to the child. There are certain home remedies you can employ to provide the baby with relief from the problem with boils in the mouth. Make a pasty mix of baking soda and water and use your finger to apply this inside the mouth. Alternately, you can also use dilute organic vinegar. Both these remedies will help to subside the boils as well as sterilize the area quickly. To soothe the itching, you can make a paste of cornstarch and apply it to the child's mouth. This will also provide relief from scratching.

In order to take care of the itchy red dots on the whole body, you can also apply fresh aloe vera gel. This will provide cooling relief and help considerably with the healing. A pasty mix of sandalwood and rosewater soothes and stops the itching. Calamine lotion is a strong coolant for the skin and can provide a few hours of relief, which is much desired in these cases. Other than taking care if the itching, you must make the baby drink a lot of fluids, fresh fruit juice and vegetables.

answered by M W

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