Why am i bleeding after 15 months of menopause?

Bleeding after menopause could very well be a sign of trouble. It is important that you get a medical examination and get it checked out by a physician who knows your history well. There could be a variety of reasons for bleeding 15 months after menopause. It could be that the lining of the vagina has become thin, dry and has lost its elasticity and this could cause bleeding. It is also possible that you have developed uterine fibroids, which are causing the bleeding. Another reason could be some sort of a hormonal imbalance that has occurred and is causing this disturbance. It could also be some sort of internal injury or trauma that is causing this bleeding. It is also possible that you have some sort of unusual or abnormal growth in the lining of your uterus. This could be malignant or benign, and it could cause bleeding.

In order to determine exactly what the problem is that is causing your bleeding at this stage in your life can only be determined by a thorough and internal examination, possibly accompanies with tests of various categories. The only thing that can be said is that you should not ignore the problem as it could worsen over time.

answered by M W

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