How Do I Lower Liver Enzyme Count?

It is a well known fact that the liver refers to a very important organ in the human body, as there are several vital functions that are performed by it. First of all, it filters the harmful substances that are present the digestive system and prevents them from entering the bloodstream. It also ensures that the flow of urine remains normal, from the time it is produced, till it leaves the body. Another important function that is performed by the liver that is very important is that it stores all the important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are present within a person's body. Hence it is safe to assume that a person's overall health can be affected adversely, in case the liver does not function in the appropriate manner.

Causes of high liver enzyme count

Generally, the liver in the human body consists of thousands of enzymes. These enzymes can be described as special types of protein cells, which help the required chemical reactions in the body to take place. Hence, liver enzymes maintain a variety of metabolic processes in the liver, by facilitating and speeding up the biochemical reactions in the body, that occur naturally. Therefore, if there is a problem with the levels of liver enzymes, like in case of a high amount of liver enzymes, there are many health problems that a person can face. There are a lot of causes of high liver enzyme count. Some of the most common health problems that could lead to high liver enzyme count or the liver count going up, are:

  • Insufficiency in adrenal
  • Obesity
  • Higher amounts of triglycerides, i.e., fatty tissues
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Tumors that may occur in the bile duct or liver
  • Infections like mononucleosis or viral hepatitis
  • Thyroid problems
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Muscle disorders and problems
  • Celiac disease
  • Liver diseases that are related to metabolism, such as hemochromatosis as well as Wilson's disease
  • Diabetes
  • The high intake of salt
  • The excessive consumption of some herbal supplements like comfrey and kava

This high level of liver enzymes in the body can affect many bodily functions and can lead to a lot of health problems. Some of the signs and symptoms that are associated with high liver enzymes are jaundice, pain in the lower right side of the chest region, the presence of brown patches on the skin, itchiness and a change in the color of the urine. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the liver enzyme count within the body, as soon as possible, to bring it within its normal range.

How to lower elevated liver enzymes?

Several people consult doctors and other health experts for tips on how to lower elevated liver enzymes count. Fortunately, there are many healthy experts too, who suggest that since this condition is easily treated, it is best to try lowering liver enzymes naturally at home, by using simple practices, like following a special diet to lower liver enzymes in the body and getting an adequate amount of exercise per day. This is probably because the liver has the ability and can repair itself quite easily. Hence, the first tip in how to lower liver enzymes naturally is making a few dietary changes.

Diet to lower liver enzymes

In order to help the liver repair itself from any damage, a few lifestyle and dietary changes need to be made. For starters, a person should completely abstain from fats, alcohol and certain medication when following a diet to lower liver enzymes. It is seen that people who suffer from hepatitis generally follow a diet to lower liver enzymes. This diet can also be followed by anybody who needs to reduce the levels of liver enzymes in the body, even if they do not have hepatitis.

Foods that should be avoided by people who need to lower liver enzymes are alcohol, spices, oil and red meats. Some of the foods that lower liver enzymes mainly include fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, high amounts of carbs, skinless poultry and fish. The manner in which the food is cooked plays a very important role too. Instead of eating fried vegetables or poultry, methods like roasting, broiling, baking and grilling should be explored. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids should be increased in order to regulate the levels of liver enzymes in the body. Hence, some of the best foods to lower liver enzymes include fish oil and flax seed oil. For those people who are vegetarian, supplements are available, which have a similar effect on the body. In fact, vegetarian sources of protein are a lot more beneficial in reducing liver enzymes, than animal sources of protein are. Hence, eating raw vegetable salads, with a minimal amount of dressing is the best option for people who are on a special diet to lower liver enzymes.

How long does it take to lower liver enzymes?

The duration that it takes to bring the levels of liver enzymes in the body back to normal varies from person to person, based on the severity of the condition, the causes, the diet followed and the medication taken. If the condition is not too severe and a diet to lower liver enzymes is followed strictly and religiously, then it is possible to get the liver back on track with a month or two. However, in addition to following a strict diet to lower liver enzymes, it is also necessary to set up a workout regime, which includes at least half an hour of exercising each day.

Even though the problem of high levels of liver enzymes is not necessarily a serious one and can be treated at home, with a proper diet and exercise routine, it is necessary that you have a doctor monitor the condition closely at all time. Once a person manages to reduce the levels of liver enzymes to a normal level, it does not mean that he or she can switch back to a diet that is high in fat, or stops working out. A diet to lower liver enzymes is more like a lifestyle change, which should be followed on a long term basis.

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If the enzymes count in your liver is high, it generally isn't a problem in itself. It however is indicative of a deeper underlying problem. The high blood count signifies a fatty liver, Cirrhosis of the liver or even hepatitis. Laboratory tests should be immediately done to diagnose the condition. It is necessary because a complication in the conditions can prove to be fatal. If they are ignored or treatment is delayed, liver conditions like these can lead to cancer and ultimately become a danger to your life.

The increase in enzymes in the liver is not necessarily because more amounts of enzymes are being produced in the liver. It is simply because the liver has got damaged and the liver walls become perforated. The enzymes begin to seep out into the blood stream and could later also cause discomfort to the skin by causing itching. When the enzymes increase in the blood stream, the urine becomes darkened despite a lot of water intake.

The liver tends to respond pretty favorably to home remedies and therefore it is recommended that along with medicines, home remedies be also used. The medicines that you have been prescribed should be supplemented with a diet that fosters the wellness of the liver. With that you should also avoid alcohol and drugs as they further damage the liver. Your diet should be devoid of any fats, oils and greases. Instead take more of fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and water in your diet.

When you are suffering from this condition, it is very important for you to take adequate rest so that your liver can heal properly.

With the change in your diet you should also try to cleanse your liver of any toxins that might still be present. Also if there are any stones in the liver, they need to be eliminated. Introducing regular physical fitness regime into your everyday routine helps cleanse not only your liver but your entire system. Instead of frying foods, try to boil or bake your food. Since fats are converted to glycerol in the liver, it is better that all kinds of fat be avoided for some time.

If the liver becomes diseased, spices have to be also avoided. It is advised that you don't take any spices. Only bland food should be taken in this condition. Since the liver is in a condition of disrepair, high amounts of carbohydrates should be ingested so that the process of repair can start. Protein from vegetables should also be taken so that the process of healing can begin in the liver.

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Lower liver enzyme

A high liver enzyme count is not a problem in itself but an indication of an underlying problem such as fatty liver, hepatitis or cirrhosis. As a part of the procedure to diagnose a liver disease, a laboratory test is conducted to measure the amount of enzymes being produced by the liver. Liver diseases can be fatal if ignored or left untreated so it is best not to delay testing and treating the problem. Since liver diseases respond favourably to home remedies, you should consult your doctor and supplement your medication with an apt diet, and avoid drugs, alcohol and other toxins to keep your liver clean and healthy. The diet should avoid fatty, greasy foods, sugar and other foods that harm the system and be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, juice and plenty of water to keep your system healthy and fighting fit.

Apart from diet, it is important to cleanse your body, especially the liver of the toxins and parasites and also ensure that there are no stones. Regular physical activity helps to cleanse the system as does sweating, so practice yoga, martial arts, swimming, aerobics, gymnastics, dancing and other such activities to build up a healthy sweat and flush out the toxins from your system. However remember never to exercise on a full stomach and never to overdo it. It is important to supplement your prescribed medication with these simple methods since there are very few medicines available to lower liver enzyme count and combat liver disease.

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You need to find out why your liver enzyme count has gone up - there are a variety of liver problems that can result in a high liver enzyme count, and any treatment needs to take into account the underlying cause of this increase. The high liver enzyme count is only an indication that something is wrong, and is not itself the problem. You were probably advised by your doctor to get a liver function test done because you had certain health complaints that suggested a problem with your liver. You should let your doctor examine and interpret the test results in the light of your symptoms and history, and identify what the exact problem is. This might require some further tests, so you should be prepared. There is probably some sort of liver damage, so you should avoid delaying the tests and treatment. Any disease or condition involving the liver is serious and can even be fatal.

Diseases that can cause an elevated liver enzyme count include serious ones such as hepatitis, fatty liver, and cirrhosis. Sometimes a high liver enzyme count may also be due to certain medication, but you should always check with your doctor and never simply assume that this is the case.

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