Remedy for sore throat and earache while coughing

A throat infection or a sore throat that is serious not only brings with it nasty cough, but an ear infection as well. This causes the ear to ache and itch. There are a variety of home remedies you can try to remedy the ear ache but in order to get rid of the ear infection you need to treat the sore throat effectively. One of the remedies you can try is the use of a natural substance called colloidal silver. Drop some of it (about a drop or two) into your ear everyday for a period of five days. The colloidal silver is known as an effective substance in curing pain and the swelling if any.

Another remedy you can try is using heat. Heat a piece of cloth by soaking it in hot water or use a pad whichever is preferred by placing the same on your ear. The heat brings temporary but instant relief to the earache .Finally make sure you get plenty of rest until your cough and ear infection subside as that is the best form of treatment available. If your symptoms continue or seem to get worse, consult your doctor as it may be an indication of another underlying ailment. Make sure to dress warm when going out into cold weather as the cold will only worsen the ear infection and increase the pain.

answered by G M

From your description it sounds as if you have an infection. When you have an infection, you will notice that your throat hurts when you swallow and that your voice is hoarse. In addition you will also have a running nose. Sometimes the infection, when it is particularly bad and is not treated in time, affects the ear too. The ache in your ear is probably that. You should consider consulting doctor for this pain in the ear since it could require immediate medical attention.

In the meanwhile you can treat your sore throat with some easy home remedies. Drinking warm water is an accepted remedy for a sore throat. So is gargling with salt water. You can gargle as often as you like with the warm water. If you like you can also add a pinch of turmeric to the water and then use it to gargle. Drinking hot milk is beneficial but the addition of a pinch of turmeric to this milk, ensures that your bedtime drink becomes medicinal.

You can use a towel heated on a hot pan to ease the pain in your ear. Hold the towel to the ear that hurts. Do this repeatedly for relief from the pain. Avoid eating ice cream and stay away from cold drinks and oily food.

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