What is alcohol headache and remedies to relieve

An "alcohol headache" is commonly known as a hangover. If you have had too much of alcohol, and gone to sleep, you will wake up with this kind of headache. There are several remedies that can take care of hangovers that have been passed down from the time people began to drink alcohol for entertainment. One of the well-known ones is to chew on the white parts of white bread. If the bread is fresh, it will work better. It is said that the bread and yeast in it absorb the alcohol from your system and make you feel better. Make sure that the bread is generously buttered as well. This will coat your stomach lining and stop the alcohol from being further absorbed into your system. Apples and bananas are considered to be very helpful in taking care of a hangover. Either fruit can be eaten on an empty stomach.

Alcohol has the effect of dehydrating you, so make it a point to guzzle water all the time. This will also ease your headache very quickly. In order to avoid this condition the next time you go on an alcoholic binge, make sure you eat a decent amount of cheese before you begin imbibing. This will line the insides of your entire system and will make sure that alcohol absorption stays at a minimum.

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