What is hysteria. Can I get more information on hysteria.

Hysteria can be defined as a psychological disorder which arises out of intense anxiety. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates was the one responsible for coining this term. He believed that a certain type of madness and suffocation arose in women, who were sexually starved. The reason behind this was because he believed the uteri became dry and light when a woman lacked sexual activity, and it then pushes upwards, compressing the heart and lungs. It was initially defined to be a type of neurotic condition, which was peculiar only to women, as it was thought to be caused due to a the dysfunction of the uterus. Induced orgasms were used as a method of treatment for women.

Today hysteria refers to a state of mind; a mind that is made up of uncontrollable fear and emotional excess. The fear associated with this condition, is an out come of several events that have taken place in the individuals past, which involved severe levels of conflict. This fear may also be centered on an individual's body part or an imaginary problem with a particular body part. When a person is hysteric, they lose control over their emotions. This is one of the most common signs of the disorder. This may also be accompanied by emotional outbursts and sudden seizures or fits of unconsciousness. This disease is known to affect both sexes and is said to be caused due to repressed or bottled conflicts. In other words one could say that hysteria is a type of a defense mechanism adopted by the person's mind, wherein emotions which are painful and disturbing are blocked out and transferred to the person's body instead.

Here area few home remedies that one can implement for this condition. Root of the Rauwolfia herb is considered to be beneficial for this particular condition. Mix together a cup of warm milk and one gram of this powdered root. This mixture should be had twice a day for about a month. Crush one bottle gourd and apply the pulp onto the patient's forehead. This is also known to work well. However home remedies cannot cure this condition. These are just suggestions to keep symptoms down. The patient will require psychotherapy. Consistent therapy over a period of time is known to work for many individuals that suffer from this particular disorder. The focus of treatment remains on providing the patient with support, while the goal is the enable them to develop meaningful human relationships.

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Hysteria is a psychological disorder that arises from intense anxiety. A loss of control over emotions is the main trait of this disorder along with sudden seizures of unconsciousness and emotional outbursts. The disease which is common to both males and females, is often the outcome of repressed conflicts that have been affecting the person. Although it afflicts both sexes it is more common in women, with those aged between 14 and 25 years of age being particularly vulnerable.

Hysteria works as a defence mechanism, blocking out emotions that are painful and disturbing, transferring the distress to the body. The illness has been largely associated with females, but there have been male sufferers as well. An important aspect of the illness is that its manifestation involves the body, but the symptoms or changes can not be associated with any tangible cause. Suffocation, fainting spells, dramatic fits, coughing, paralysis of the limbs, or the sudden loss of speech and, or hearing were in the past all recorded symptoms of hysteria. Many of these identifications were however later reclassified as anxiety neuroses by Freud. The general treatment for histrionic personality disorders that show manifestations of hysteria is psychotherapy. The focus is on providing support to the patient, with the goal of developing skills needed to establish meaningful human relationships.

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