This is i think my 3rd or 4th attempt to treat TB that is why i am scared of any possible serious effects of taking the medicines. in fact i feel no effect and the bacteria becoming resistant to the medicines, pls advise me what to do, thanks

The bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, or TB, as it is known, is an infectious disease that affects the lungs of the patient. In some cases, it has also led to the death of the patient. In several parts of the world, however, TB has been almost eradicated thanks to a vaccine created for it.

If you have been near a person infected with TB then you probably caught the disease through his sneezes or coughs. People also get TB if they live in badly ventilated, stuffy houses. If you have been suffering from TB you are probably coughing, losing weight and experiencing pain in your chest. However, it is advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor, especially since you have been suffering for some time now. If you have been suffering from TB for some time now and are unable to fight it off, then you need to examine your living quarters.

Perhaps you should look for one that is better ventilated. In addition to this you need to include food that is good for you in your diet. Drink plenty of pineapple juice. This is known to help fight TB. Banana is another fruit that you need to eat every day. Avoid drinking alcohol, tea and coffee. Also avoid processed and tinned food, sugar and white bread.

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