Treatment Of Skin Fungus: Please let me know if yogurt can be used to treat skin fungus.

Any kind of skin fungus is caused by skin that remains constantly humid and warm. This is usually the case when a person works in a hot and damp environment which is also poor in terms of air circulation. Normally, the cause of skin fungus is remaining in this kind of environment and perspiring constantly. There are various kinds of skin fungus and they all show up differently. The commonest ones are Athlete's Foot, Ringworms, Candidias and Tinea Versicolor. It is important to know that these infections may cause itching, scratching and generally a large amount of discomfort. While each of them has their own protracted methods of home care, there are some common rules that apply to all manner of skin fungus infestations.

One of the best remedies to deal with any kind of skin infection is to apply fresh yogurt to it. The live bacteria in yogurt will work toward fighting the fungus and will aid in removing the infestation. It is also highly beneficial to include lots of yogurt in the diet. The second most important point is to remain as dry as possible. If you work or live in an environment where you cannot escape humidity, use talcum powder liberally. This will absorb moisture off your skin and keep you drier. You must also bathe twice at least and wear loose clothing, made preferably of cotton or other such materials which allow your skin to breathe.

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