I am not able to digest food, feel like vomiting after taking food. Have to go to toilet after taking food. Please suggest some home remedies

When you say you are not able to digest food, you feel like vomiting, go to toilet after every meal, feel weak and have become skinny; the only thing that comes to my mind is digestive system. There is definitely something wrong with your digestive system.

There are practically and clinically no specific reasons for indigestion. The only reason is exertion of excessive pressure on your stomach. When you are unable to digest food, you are likely to suffer from ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, hernia, stomach cancer and infection caused by helicobacter pylori. Indigestion can also be caused when you are on medication and leave a big gap between two consecutive meals. Eating a large amount of spicy foods, smoking, acidity and pregnancy can also results in indigestion.

Most of these diseases are often associated with vomiting, weakness, weight loss and frequent passing of stools. These factors irritate the stomach lining and hampers the normal functioning of the stomach and the over all digestive system.

In your case, it is difficult to say what is the principle cause of your symptoms. I think it is better to consult your doctor and check out the right cause so that you can undergo the treatment at the earliest.

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