How to relieve joint pain and swelling?

The first step you can take towards taking care of joint swelling is to figure out why you are facing the problem in the first place. Depending upon your age, it is important to know that premature joint swelling could be a harbinger of several things. A complete medical check up is extremely important for someone in your condition to determine what exactly the problem is with your joints. It could be anything from the onset of arthritis, or rheumatism, to general age related troubles. But it is always good to know what the problem if before you go about treating it.

For general joint pains, one of the most effective remedies is to make a pasty mix of honey and powdered cinnamon and apply this to your joints. This has a natural tendency to draw out the pain from any part of your body, and especially your joints. But you would need to be careful, since it can also cause some mild burns. So make sure you keep it on only as long as you can easily tolerate it. You can also make fresh garlic juice and apply this to your joints, as this is a known remedy to treat any kind of inflammation and pain. You should also cut out citrus and fermented foods from your diet completely, since these are known to add to the agony of joint pains.

answered by G M

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