Home remedies for allergic reactions due to raw carrrot

Always refrain from eating foods that result in allergy, especially when you have had a previous experience. Do not experiment, as certain allergies is life threatening. Antihistamines are recommended, under the guidance of a physician. Vitamin C supplements are helpful, due to its natural antihistamine effect. Honey is a natural substance, which enhances the immune levels of individuals. Certain juices and tea are effective, provided, you are tolerant to those foods.

Adequate intake of water and other fluids like tender coconut water and barley water prove beneficial in combating allergies, by flushing off toxins. Mashed papaya seeds are effective against rash due to allergies. Equal quantities of poppy seeds, lime juice and water are made into a paste and applied for relief from redness and itching.

A glass of lime juice with sugar is an effective remedy for all kinds of allergies. Supplements of pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is helpful due to its anti allergic properties. A banana is useful in relieving allergies, provided, you are not allergic to bananas. Place cooled tea bags on the eyes to reduce puffiness.

answered by Dr C

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