My 9 years old daughter has the problem of loosening eyebrow hair. We have referred the problem to skin specialist. When she takes medicines, hair lose stops. But when she stops medicines, the problem resurfaces. What to do?

Advice on Infant Hair Loss 

Losing hair is a fairly common side effect of a variety of reasons. Losing eyebrow hair, though slightly less common, nevertheless is linked to a variety of changes in your changes. If your daughter is on some kind of medication then this could be the reason for her hair loss. Very strong medication often causes this kind of a problem related to the hair. You will need to consult her doctor about the correct course of action if there is any medication involved.

Sometimes people lose hair because of some allergies that they have. You should find out what your daughter is eating, drinking, using and which of these could possibly result in losing eyebrow hair.

People often lose their eyebrow hair due to a disease called which affects the eyebrow. This is an autoimmune disease and the condition is called Alopecia Areata.  This condition is fairly common and effects other people too. You should check your daughter's hair and scalp to see if she has lost hair there. This condition is caused due to your body's immune system beginning to believe that the hair follicles are enemies. Therefore, the immune system attacks the hair, thus leading to a loss of hair.

Loss of eyebrow hair can also be caused by eating a bad diet or due to some stress that you are suffering. You can easily alter this condition by eating a well balanced diet.

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