How do I sooth a sore palate that was burnt by eating hot food

Having a sore on the palate of mouth can make eating food as well as talking rather uncomfortable. However, there are a number of home remedies and cures to help you treat your palate.

Home Remedies for a Sore Palate

  • One of the most efficient home remedies to treat a sore palate is the use of baking powder. Though this remedy is not frequently used, it is very effective. The application of a little baking powder on the burnt area should give you some much needed relief.
  • Letting buttermilk swish in your mouth also aids in healing burns.
  • Chewing some form of gum helps reduce the burning sensation. It may take some time before you get complete relief from the burn. Chewing gum helps the mouth produce saliva and hydrates the insides of your mouth.
  • Eating or sucking on cold foods will help relieve your burn. You can try eating ice cream or suck on a popsicle for relief.
  • For immediate relief from the burning sensation, place a few drops of honey on the burned areas.
  • Ice is an excellent home remedy for a sore palate and works better than cold water. To make sure that the ice cube doesn’t stick to your mouth, wash it under water. Place the ice cube over the burnt area and suck on it.
  • Coating your tongue with a layer of thick milk cream will aid in soothing your tongue.
  • Gargle with a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt for 30 seconds. Repeat this process till you are relieved. Salt will alleviate the pain and bring the infection to the surface. Salt also combats any acids in the mouth, which could activate bacterial growth. Getting rid of the bacterial growth will help your palate heal faster.
  • Placing sugar on your burns will provide you quick relief.
  • Turmeric contains antiseptic and curative properties. Churn out a paste with turmeric and clarified butter. Apply it on the burnt portion of your mouth to alleviate symptoms.
  • You can drink a glass of cold water, allowing each sip to sit in your mouth before swallowing it.
Cures for a sore palate are easy. Just avoid eating acidic, hot or spicy foods till your mouth has healed completely. Drink plenty of water and eat soft or bland foods that will not affect your mouth. If your burn lasts more than a week, meet your medical practitioner immediately as the burn could be infected or very severe.



answered by G M

The following suggestions can be considered:

  1. Mouth rinse with ice water
  2. Aloe juice gargle
  3. Gargling with chamomile tea and then drinking the same. Other herbs like myrrh, glycorrice and echinacea can also be used.
  4. Eating popsicles
  5. Drinking a glass of banana milkshake
  6. Sucking the inner peel and fibres of a banana.

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