is there any natural cure for strep throat?

Natural Cures for Strep Throat

Strep throat is actually an inflammation of the throat, lymph nodes and tonsils caused by streptococcus bacterial infection. Strep throat is one of the most common conditions during flu and is often associated with sneezing, runny nose or cough. Most of the symptoms occur within 3-4 days during the incubation period. The person suffering from strep throat show signs of throat inflammation and swelling, difficult breathing, difficult swallowing, mucus-producing cough, body weakness, fatigue, headache, poor appetite, nausea, excessive sweating enlargement of the lymph nodes and tonsils and fever.

For treating strep throat with natural cures, a well balanced diet and plenty of water intakes is essential. Chamomile tea is another natural way of curing strep throat. This tea is also beneficial for reducing fever, headache and throat pain. Sage and garlic are also beneficial for curing strep throat. Sage helps in protecting the throat's soft tissues and reducing inflammation whereas garlic with its antibiotic properties helps in faster recovery.

Gargling with salt water is also useful for fighting against bacterial infection to alleviate throat pain and inflammation. You can even use saline nasal spray to decongest the clogged airways. Maintain a warm temperature in your room and office premises and avoid any kind of exposure to chemicals and irritants. Any substance having a strong persistent odor can also aggravate the condition. So, keep alcohol and cigarette far away from you to cure strep throat.

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