Treatments for hepatitis that are natural

Natural Treatment for Hepatitis

There are many effective home remedies and natural cures for hepatitis. Hepatitis is basically a viral infection caused in the liver. This viral infection caused by hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver which can further develop liver cancer or various other liver diseases. Therefore, a quick treatment is essential.

Some people consume foods rich in Vitamin A or niacin. Some may even have to use these vitamin supplements to cure hepatitis. If you are allergic to certain supplements or food, avoid taking that particular food in any form. You also need to restrict your consumption of alcohol as alcohol can be harmful to health, triggering hepatitis. Excess of proteins can also worsen the condition, therefore low down your protein intake.

There are many natural herbs for hepatitis. These herbs are mainly used as attackers to combat hepatitis. The most popular herbs used for the purpose are milk thistle and licorice. Milk thistle helps in regenerating cells and strengthening liver whereas licorice root is helps in relieving symptoms of hepatitis and slowing down liver deterioration.

Licorice root should be consumed with caution because excessive intake of this natural herb may result in high blood pressure. Blood pressure is raised because of fluctuations in water and sodium content caused due to persistent consumption of licorice. Consult your health professional before taking licorice to cure hepatitis.

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