What food do I avoid if I have a hepatitis b?

Hepatitis B is an infection that affects the liver. You should concentrate on eating foods that will promote a healthy liver, and avoid eating and drinking everything that will damage the health of your liver further. Alcohol is strictly prohibited if you are suffering from hepatitis B. It will deteriorate your condition by the day. You must concentrate on drinking water instead. You should actually be drinking an excess of water in order for your liver to remain healthy.

You must begin the day with consuming orange juice on an empty stomach. This will help you tremendously. White radish is considered to be the most useful thing in taking care of any problems with the liver and kidneys. You should eat the vegetable and drink its juice as much as you can. However, you may only do so till sunset. If you eat radish or drink its juice after sunset, you will suffer from severe gas. You can also include its' leaves in your food. This will add to the healing properties of the vegetable. You must increase consumption of all vegetables that provide iron such as beetroot and spinach. You must also eat at least one apple a day. It is important to be on a vegetarian diet while under treatment for Hepatitis B. Meat is avoidable, as are fried, spicy and preserved foods.

answered by G R

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