Remedy for vitiligo white lips

Vitiligo is a disease whose cause is unknown. Depigmentation is caused by the destruction of melanocytes and the affected areas turn lighter than the original skin color or may sometimes become completely white. The loss of melanocytes also changes the structure and function of the organs it affects. There is no known cure per se, but some encouraging studies have been conducted and show the following supplements to be of some benefit.

  • In one study 52 people had a supplement of gingko biloba extract at a dose of 40 mg three time per day for six months and significant repigmentation was seein in 40% of the people who participated in the study
  • In another study an extract of a plant called khella was tested for its ability to bring about repigmentation. The active ingredient in the plant is khellin. At 120-160 mg per day, there appears to have been moderate success.

The herb basil may also be used in the following manner to some benefit:

  • Add a few drops of lime juice to a little basil juice and applyu on your lips
  • Grind a clove of garlic with ten grams of basil leaves and apply to the affected area
  • Chew on some basil leaves 2-3 times a day or take a teaspoon of a mixture of basil juice with honey.

Homeopathy is known to show benefit in vitiligo in some case and some anecdotal reports of complete cures do exist so maybe you could explore that option as well.

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