What is the best home treatment for neurodermatitis using natural methods?

A person suffering from neurodermatitis, also known as lichen simplex,  develops a skin condition where he suffers from an inflammation. The inflammation causes constant itching. The itching in turn leads to scaly skin. The very texture of the skin changes. It  develops a leathery  feel to it. The itching can be caused by  various reasons. Something as innocuous as the bite of an insect or clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable can trigger the itching. Once the person begins itching the skin becomes irritated. It has been observed that stress can aggravate the problem. If the person is allergic to something in the environment then this can led to the itching. Often people who have a family history of this condition are prone to Neurodermatitis. However itching and inflammation of the skin can also be the symptoms of other conditions of the skin and should be examined by a doctor who can offer an accurate diagnosis before you begin any treatment.

You can ease this condition by not using harsh soaps and cosmetics on the sensitive skin. Leaning to handle stress can also help you ease this problem. Avoiding things that you are allergic to, is another way to avoid this. Bathe only in warm water and always pat yourself dry.

answered by G M

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