Natural remedy to dissolve calcium lumps

Drinking good clean water more than your regular fill should be the first step in dislodging calcium deposits from the kidneys. Increasing healthy fluids as part of your diet will ensure one stays free from kidney stones. Lack of regular water consumption is usually the cause of calcium deposits Around 7 - 9 glasses of water is recommended for those who have calcium deposits.

Drinking more fluids helps in decreasing diluting, the concentration of the very matter that contributes to the constitution of kidney stones or to the dilation of active kidney deposits. Lessen the consumption of animal protein rich foods and diets involving meat and fish that have the capacity to form uric acid stones in your kidneys. Proteins from fish and meats speed up the natural processes of forming uric acid and calcium in the urine. Uric acid in turn induces stones to form.

According to popular lore, drinking sufficient quantities of cranberry juice is known to dissolve kidney stones. Apparently cranberries are acidic and hence help to prevent deposits from forming. One could also do well by checking their salt intake and ensuring that exercise is part of daily regimen.

Do not drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice is known to have properties that may aggravate the risk for complicating kidney stones.

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