Can anemia cause pressure in the head?

Anemia is a condition wherein the blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells (RBCs). These cells are the main transporters of oxygen to organs. If RBCs are also hemoglobin deficient, your body is not getting enough iron. Symptoms of anemia occur because there is a lack of oxygen supply to all organs.

The primary fact about anaemia is that it makes almost any other underlying medical condition worse. For instance, if you have a heart problem and are also anaemic, you would typically have more problems associated with your heart condition than if you were not anaemic. Pressure in the head is not a typical symptom of anaemia. However, if you have the problem of headaches, or any other problem that causes pressure in the head, and are anaemic, the problem will certainly be further aggravated. Some typical symptoms of anaemia include: Black, sticky and foul smelling stools, bloody or brown stools, increased heart rate, cold or clammy skin, low blood pressure, shallow and rapid breathing, breathlessness, general tiredness and fatigue, chest and stomach pain, weakness and weight loss, dizziness, occasional fainting for no other known cause, passing out with tiredness, cramps in the legs and sometimes also in other parts of the body and insomnia.

answered by G M

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