My daughter 4yrs old had repeated chest congestion. Doctor says up to 5 years it happens. Any advice on home remedy?

Natural Remedies for Recurrent Chest Congestion

Small children are often sensitive to weather changes and allergic substances present in the environment. So, they often tend to catch cold and cough which further results to chest congestion. During any kind of weather change or external allergies small children get prone to develop cough and this keep on recurring with every change.

Most often, acupuncture and breathing exercises are considered to be the best natural remedies for recurring chest congestion but how can a small child bear needles of acupuncture or do nay kind of breathing exercises. Therefore, the best remedy for children having chest congestion is massage and balanced diet to strengthen their immune system.

Massage therapy refers to gentle massage on the children's chest and overall body. This massage is usually done at bed time and is believed to lower anxiety level, enhances blood circulation, cures chest congestion and also makes the child feel relaxed and comfortable.

Feed your child with well balanced diet to strengthen her immune system and make the body strong to fight infections. Make her drink plenty of water because water intake helps in flushing out toxins and unwanted materials from the body.

Turmeric, ginger, clove and jaggery are also beneficial for reducing the occurrence of chest congestion in children.

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