Garlic oil for blocked Eustachian Tube?

There are several methods to clear the blocked Eustachian tube naturally. Chew a gum to clear the blockage or open your jaws wide as if you are yawning. Continue this activity for sometime. There is another effective home remedy for blocked Eustachian tube. Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Now, grip the tip of your nose and exhale breath without opening your mouth like you are blowing hard. Repeat this for 2 to 3 times. It might unblock the Eustachian tube. Do not carry on doing this if you feel dizzy.

Avoid traveling or scuba diving if you are suffering from allergy, cold, sinus or ear infection. But if you have to travel, then it will be advisable use a decongestant through the mouth or take a nasal spray 1 hour before taking off. You can repeat this before you descend. While traveling or descending on an air flight, it is advisable to feed your baby to open the tube and prevent it from getting blocked. Try this alternative treatment for curing your condition. Mix a little common salt in a cup of warm water and take out a small quantity on your palm. Draw it with your nose and grip it tightly. Tilt your head to the side which is blocked. Repeat this for a couple of times. If this does not clear the blockage then do not attempt further.

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