How much baking soda do we need to make a vaginal douche?

When using baking soda to make a vaginal douche, you usually use a teaspoon of baking soda in a standard glass of water. A more common douche solution however is a mixture of vinegar and water (approximately 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water) or even plain water.

The baking soda vaginal douche is sometimes recommended before intercourse if a couple wants a boy, and the vinegar douche is recommended for a girl, but this has no scientific basis or proof, although there is some vaguely scientific sounding explanation behind it. If this is the reason for your question, you should know that the douche will not work.

More importantly however, vaginal douches are no more recommended. The most common reason for douching is to clean the vagina, but this is unnecessary because the vagina has a self cleansing system. In addition, the vagina has a natural growth of bacteria that are harmless, and a delicate pH balance. A vaginal douche often upsets the pH balance and gets rid of these natural bacteria, subsequently allowing harmful bacteria and fungi to grow. Instead, some basic measures to maintain hygiene should be sufficient to keep your vagina clean and prevent infections.

answered by G R

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