Natural Vaginal Douche: I was wondering is it okay to to douche after periods? and if so whats the natural ingredient mixture for at home proceedures? I bought a Life time Douche but I do not know the correct and safest ingredients. I would like to use th

Douche solutions are typically made up of vinegar diluted with water, or a variety of antiseptic chemicals. The most natural alternative is to use clean water, or make your own solution of water and vinegar.

All the same, today it is usually agreed that douching is not only unnecessary, but can also be dangerous. The basic idea behind douching is to clean the vagina by forcing a stream of water into the vaginal cavity. This can be done with the aim of clearing menstrual blood or washing away dirt and bacteria and sometimes after sexual intercourse, in order to avoid conception. However, the practice is not as effective as it was once thought to be. As a contraceptive method, douching is entirely useless, and as far as getting rid of bacteria is concerned, douching can do more harm than good. The vagina has a delicate chemical balance and also a normal culture of beneficial bacteria. Douching can upset this balance, flush out these bacteria, introduce other harmful bacteria, and even force these bacteria deeper into the body, resulting in infections of the cervix, the uterus, and the Fallopian tubes. To keep yourself clean, all you need to do is gently bathe the external parts of the vagina. The insides will take care of themselves.

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