I heard that bougainvillea flowers made in a hot tea is good for cough.

Coughing is a condition that is caused when tiny particles gain access to our respiratory passage and then go on to irritate the airways. A blockage of this kind tends to interfere with the normal air flow from the lungs to the nose and the way other way round as well. To answer your question, the bark of the bougainvillea tree can be used to treat a cough. The bark of the tree has to be ground into a thin fine powder. This powdered bark, should then be boiled in 250 ml of water on a low flame. Once the mixture has cooled, strain it into a glass and use the decoction to gargle your throat once a day. This will help in curing a throat infection while also releasing any mucus present.

Another alternative would be to take a pinch or two of the finely powdered bark and then sniff it. It will induce sneezing, which in turn will help in opening up the nasal passage. The flowers of the plant may also be used to treat a cough. Add a few flowers of the plant to 250 ml of boiling water. Let the two simmer for a few minutes on a low flame. Once the solution has cooled strain it into a glass and add a little honey for taste. This decoction should then be had to reduce the symptoms of a cough. This is considered to be a very popular Mexican home remedy for treating coughs.

Apart from this here are a few additional remedies that will help in treating a cough. Almonds are very effective in treating coughs. Take about 5-6 almonds and soak them in a glass of water and leave it overnight. The next morning, peel the almonds and then grind them into a thin paste. This paste should then be mixed with ½ a tablespoon each, of honey and butter. The resultant mixture should be had 3-4 times a day to get rid of the cough. Onion is also known to play an important role, when it comes to treating coughs. Juice that has been extracted from the vegetable helps in clearing chest congestion. Blend 2 onions and then extract the juice from the vegetable’s pulp. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of this juice with an equal quantity of honey. This mixture has to be kept aside for 4-5 hours. A teaspoon of this concoction, if had twice a day, will help in relieving cough.

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  • Powder the bark of the tree and boil it in 1 glass of water. Gargle with it once a day for releasing mucus and if you have any throat infection. You can also take 1 or 2 pinches of the powdered bark and sniff it which will make you sneeze and help in decongesting your nasal passage.
  • Take the pulp of the Belleric Myroblan fruit and mix salt, long pepper and honey to it for taste. Have it 2 times everyday for relief from cough. Fry the fruit and roll it in wheat flour and have it once a day.
  • Crush the fruits of the Betel Leaf herb and mix it with honey. Lick it for relief from irritating cough.
  • Roast 1 clove and chew it slowly. This will decongest you’re the throat. Extract some juice from the root of ginger and take 1 tsp of it mixed with honey 3 times a day. Boil some peeled and grated ginger roots in water, add a pinch of salt to it and 1 tsp of sugar and drink it while it is still warm. You can also drink ginger tea twice daily.
  • In 1 tsp of honey add a pinch of turmeric powder and take it once before going to bed at night. This will release cough through the stool and throat.

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