i had an iv needle in my arm for 3 days. now my forearm is sore and bumpy. what can i do

How long ago was this? Usually, the experience having an IV needle inserted into your arm is not very different from donating blood or drawing blood for a test. The discomfort or pain may be marginally more, if at all, and does not last very long after the needle has been removed. It does however depend on the person inserting the needle — a good experienced nurse is usually able to select the best spot at which to insert the needle, and doesn't need to try more than thrice, at the very most. Just like with an injection, your reaction to the needle makes a difference too. If you flinch, it will probably hurt a bit more.

In any case, the soreness after removal of the needle usually disappears in three or four days. Sometimes the needle does hit a tendon or a nerve, which can be quite painful and takes a little longer to heal. As long as there are no other symptoms or indications of anything serious being wrong (nausea or fever may indicate an infection), you don't need to worry. Give it a few more days, and if the soreness still hasn't eased up, ask your doctor about it.

answered by G M

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