is orange good for cold

A common cold is one of the most widespread ailments in the world. Every year, millions of people experience fever, malaise, and other symptoms of cold. Unfortunately, when a common cold is caused by a virus, the condition may take its time before finally settling in. For ages, natural cold remedies have proved to be more effective in treating the symptoms of cold than any other medication.

Cold remedies such as chicken soup have been popular with mothers since the time when common cold infections were first heard of. Orange, the citrus fruit, full of natural vitamins and minerals, is also considered and excellent remedy for the condition. There are many effective natural cold remedies other than those listed above. Chicken soup, by far, is the most popular home remedy for common cold. There have been many studies that show tangible improvement in cold and congestion, after drinking chicken soup. The warmth of the fluid itself helps in decongesting the solidified phlegm. There are certain amino acids in chicken soup that are also beneficial for the condition. You can add additional seasoning and condiments to the soup, which benefit the overall condition. Pepper for instance, whether black or white, can help in improving symptoms of cough and relieving congestion. Carrots in soup are rich in vitamins A and B, and therefore help in boosting immunity, and onions, celery and garlic are warm and also help in improving congestion. These form some of the best natural cold remedies for toddlers as well as adults.

The best cold cures are soups, broths, and other warm liquids. Most doctors would also recommend consumption of warm soups and broths as cold treatment. Avoid adding condiments that may further aggravate a sore throat or congested chest. Chilies and vinegar, for instance, are not ideal for consuming when you have a sore throat or a congested chest. Is orange juice good for a cold? This is a question that is asked by many. Apart from chicken soup, orange juice is the only other natural cold remedy that has been passed down through generations. Orange juice is perhaps the richest source of vitamin C. Though all citrus foods contain generous amounts of vitamin C, orange juice is the richest source of this nutrient. It is believed that vitamin C helps in boosting overall immunity, therefore allowing your body to defend itself well against attacks from cold causing bacteria and virus. No matter in which form you consume vitamin C, it can be beneficial for your health, especially when you have cold. If you are wondering how to treat a cold, you can consume oranges in any form. Orange juice, orange smoothie or any other preparation that contains orange is excellent for your body. You can add other fruits to your palate and boost your health even more. However, it is important to note that vitamin C can be quickly destroyed by heat and therefore, try not to boil juices obtained from any citrus fruits.

Among all other natural cold remedies for pregnant women, both orange juice and chicken soup are considered to be excellent. Other natural cold remedies like garlic can also help you increase the body's defenses and improve your body's ability to fight off common infections like cold. If you have been struggling with the question, how to treat a cold naturally, the simplest answer is to ensure that your body's defenses are high. Among cold cures, alcohol is also considered to be an effective one. There are certain types of alcohol like brandy and cognac that help warm the body from inside, making it resistant to cold and other such infections. Since a common cold cannot be treated using medications, it is best to use cold cures which are completely natural. One should also remember that even though medication may not be an effective answer for cold, when considering cold treatment for infants it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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Yes orange is good for cold when eaten at early stages. The vitamin C a water soluble antioxidant present in orange help to boost immunity and fight against the cold infection.

Besides oranges you can also try the following home remedies for cold -

  1. Steam taken from boiling water helps to relieve cold. This is a very effective remedy, for best results take 2-3 times daily especially before going to bed.
  2. Extract juice from fresh holy basil leaves add honey and fresh ginger juice to it. Drink 2 tsp of this 3 times a day.
  3. Make a paste by mixing 1 tsp of ginger powder to 2 tsp of honey. Take this daily 2-3 times for best effects.
  4. Sip hot liquids like vegetable soups or chicken broths to boost your immune system. Avoid cold water, sodas, carbonated beverages, sweets, oily foods and junk foods till you recover.

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