What is the relation between prostate and backache?

Back ache is a very common ailment that can affect young individuals and elderly men. Stress, wrong posture, faulty work pattern, over weight, sleep problems can lead to back ache in men. Back ache leads to acute pain in the lower back. In back ache, the vertebral bone and inter vertebral disc becomes soft and it loses its flexibility.

Causes that can lead to backache are muscular strain, mental tension, improper lifting of weights, arthritis, illness, poor diet, lack of exercise. Certain chronic problems like kidney and prostate problems as well influenza can cause back ache.

Certain remedies that can be applied to relieve from back ache are:-

  • Proper rest is essential to cure back ache. Lie down straight on your back for 2 -4 hours.
  • Do not pick heavy objects by bending your back. Instead bend your knees for picking up objects.
  • Avoid soft cushion. Do not sit still in one place for long period of time.
  • Take breaks in between your work and stretch your back for few minutes.
  • Having garlic everyday can relieve from back pain. Applying garlic oil is effective. Take few garlic cloves and fry them in mustard oil on a slow flame till they are brown. Cool the oil and massage vigorously on the back and allow it to remain for 2 -3 hours and then have a warm bath. This can be done for fifteen days.
  • Hot fomentation and regular sponging is effective.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise that can be useful are lie on your and raise both the legs upwards together and hold your breath. Bring both the legs slowly downwards and exhale.

answered by J M

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